Be a sport – let girls in

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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Angel too has noticed the increased litter along our lovely river in Spalding and along the Coronation Channel. However, she has also seen bins full to overflowing where people have tried to dispose of rubbish properly and have been unable to do so. Perhaps bins should be emptied more regularly in the better weather?

nExcitement has been building up in Angel’s household over the past couple of weeks, with the news that Spalding Round Table was to have a “legendary guest of honour” at its annual boxing evening in February.

The name was to be announced last Friday and Angel and a group of male and female boxing fan friends were already planning to go.

The fact that no announcement had been made by Wednesday did not quell Angel’s excitement – she thought it just meant that the Table were struggling to pin down the “legendary guest”.

Then came some shattering news. The event is MEN ONLY. Angel has nothing against men-only clubs or women-only ones, but come on fellas, this is the year 2013!

If there’s a big sporting occasion in Spalding surely it should be open to both sexes...or are you trying to hide something?

nThe boxing news was not the only thing to disappoint Angel this week.

She thoroughly enjoyed watching a friend’s child perform in a school play, but was shocked when told the school have to pay licensing fees for these beautiful occasions.

Yes, a small primary school has to pay at least £50 to put on a small show for parents. Ridiculous.

nAngel mentioned last week that the county council had resurfaced the A152 through part of Gosberton and Quadring. Plentiful 20mph signs have gone up warning drivers about the skid risk from the loose stones, but how many drivers are slowing down? Almost none. One overtook Angel’s car in the 30mph limit at Quadring – exceeding the 30 let alone the 20. And it’s even less fun when Angel climbs onto her trusty bike as she must ride head down as speeding vehicles go by to avoid getting flying stones in her eyes.

nAngel bought a beautiful ornamental tree from Baytree on Sunday and it was wheeled to her car by the ever thoughtful boss, Reinhard Biehler, who also dutifully loaded a big bag of compost into Angel’s car. You don’t get that kind of touch when you go “shed shopping” so why spend the petrol money when you get a better service here?

nStreet Pastors outnumbered folk in the street when the scheme was launched on Friday night – and it was very reassuring when one asked Angel and her pal how they were. Good luck to you all and well done for volunteering.