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Spalding growers are working hard despite the poor weather

Times are very difficult for anybody working in the outdoors at the moment, conditions although not always extreme have been continually dull and wet for the last two months.

Those harvesting really have struggled in difficult conditions and although it has been had work and taken a long time most crops have been harvested. So well done all.

Unfortunately a few still remain and those maybe just too wet to manage.

Edward Gent (3669092)
Edward Gent (3669092)


Generally I think the local population have realised that farmers have been up against it and done there best to keep roads as clear as possible.

I would like to thank the public for bearing with the situation as much as possible, nobody wants to cause anybody any inconvenience but conditions this autumn have been very difficult.

Farmers will feel the implications of the weather for a long time.

Very little can be done with wet land until it dries in the spring and we will have to hope for some good conditions to allow us to catch up with our cropping plans if we are to get all fields cropped for the coming harvest.

While we are struggling to bring in the harvest to feed the nation our esteemed leaders are prancing about trying to win votes or yet another election.

My biggest problem is I wouldn’t ideally vote for any of them. Looking back in recent years they have all wasted their time and got nowhere.

The whole system is a joke and they need to buck there ideas up, stop squabbling and get on with some important work.

The country needs some strong leadership and direction, too many different things pulling in all directions, so focus on the important things, health, food and the environment and get on with it.

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