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Deep fried Christmas dinner anyone?

His customers have previously enjoyed battered mince pies and pigs in blankets and now Spalding chippie Bill Rai has a rather special seasonal treat on the menu – a whole Christmas dinner deep fried in his signature batter.

This year Oh My Cod has pulled out all the stops to create a festive feast comprising of battered chicken, battered sprouts, battered stuffing and battered pigs in blankets all served up with chips, gravy and a battered mince pie – for £7.50.

Bill, who has run the Alexandra Road takeaway with wife Sandy for the past seven years, said the idea was inspired by his adventurous customers who are always keen to try something new and are continually asking him for new additions to the menu.

Bill Rai with the deep fried Christmas dinner (5879647)
Bill Rai with the deep fried Christmas dinner (5879647)

“We’ve done battered mince pies and battered pigs in blankets in the past for Christmas and they’ve gone down really well and people are always asking us what we’re going to try next,” said Bill.

“Deep frying a whole dinner seemed a natural progression and besides we already sell the chicken so we’ve just added some other bits and pieces.

“We really like them, and they’ve gone down well with the staff – the sprouts are particularly nice, the crispy batter holds them all together well and they taste really good.”

This year Bill has joined forces with Bennett’s Butcher, of Spalding, and is using its Lincolnshire sausages in its meals.

As well as the Christmas combo, customers can still buy individually battered mince pies for 80p each and the battered pigs in blankets which are £2.50.

“People are always asking what we’re going to do next – we’ve had the Oreos and the Mars Bars on the menu before as well,” added Bill.

“We did try Christmas pudding but it really didn’t work, so we’ll see how the meals go. I know there are other shops around the country who have gone even further adding more veg like battered carrot, but we felt this was enough.

“It’s perhaps not for everyone but it certainly seems to have sparked a lot of interest on our Facebook page!”

The festive meals went on sale on December 1 and are available until Christmas Day.

The dinner in all its glory (5879663)
The dinner in all its glory (5879663)

* And so what’s the verdict?

Well, what’s not to love? The battered chicken, pigs in blankets and mince pies have been on the menu before although I was a little sceptical about the stuffing and the sprouts. However, they actually turned out to be some of my favourite bits.

The Brussels had a good bite to them and were well complemented by the crispy batter, while it also gave a new edge to the stuffing too. And with a side of gravy and some award winning chips it all went down a treat.

I couldn’t contemplate eating too many deep fried dinners - my waistline would never forgive me - but as a one-off festive feast, well why not?

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