Barmaid beaten up in pub brawl

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A FORMER care worker fears for her future job prospects after beating up a bar assistant at a Long Sutton pub.

Alexandra Addison (30), of Seagate Terrace, Long Sutton, was given a two-month curfew order by Spalding magistrates on Thursday after being found guilty of assaulting Michelle Greswell at the Old Ship on June 17.

Addison had admitted to being drunk and disorderly at the pub on the same date for which she was also sentenced.

Rebecca Ritson, prosecuting, said Miss Greswell had been asked by a woman drinking at the pub to throw Addison out because “she was saying things about the girl that weren’t nice.”

When Miss Greswell refused, the girl ran into a toilet and was later found unconscious on the floor.

“Miss Greswell asked her partner to get a car ready to take the collapsed girl and her boyfriend home,” said Miss Ritson. “When Miss Addison realised the couple were being taken home, she became verbally abusive.

“Miss Greswell tried to explain that the girl was unconscious but the next thing she knew, she felt blows to her head from Miss Addison who was using clenched fists.”

Miss Ritson said Addison also tried to push a broken wine glass into Miss Greswell’s face before grabbing her hair and pulling her to the ground.

She was eventually pulled away by her boyfriend and arrested later by police.

“When they arrived, police found Miss Addison sitting in the beer garden shouting and swearing.

“Miss Greswell sustained at least 12 blows to her face, suffered bumps and lumps to the head, light-headedness and extreme tenderness to the small finger of her right hand,” Miss Ritson said.

Carrie Simpson, mitigating, said Addison was “actively seeking” employment in the care industry but feared a curfew order would ruin her chances of finding a job.

“Miss Addison accepts her behaviour was disorderly on and she’s been extremely distressed in relation to being arrested and appearing before the court,” Mrs Simpson said.

“This conviction will prevent her having any future employment in that environment again.”

Addison was order to pay costs of £775 and £50 compensation.