BANKING: Bank should provide for the disabled

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This follows a letter to your paper a few weeks ago about the helpfulness of staff at the TSB bank in Long Sutton.

While I have no complaints about the staff, I do think that the bank is discriminatory towards wheelchair users.

My brother opened an account there a couple of years ago and since having a stroke is now a wheelchair user.

Although there is no problem with accessing the bank via ramps and automatic doors, he cannot access his account as he cannot reach the card reader on the counter.

As it is fixed to the counter it cannot be handed to him, unlike in most shops.

We were told that the best thing would be for me to have third party access to his account, which I don’t want and quite rightfully neither does he.

Surely if they value him as a customer the best thing would be for them to provide an accessible card reader?

Moira Acland