Bangers and cash from a fine tradition

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It all started as a bit of a joke back in 1998, but on Saturday Lutton residents celebrated the “Bugling in of the Lincolnshire Sausage” for the 16th time.

Fifteen years ago well-known villagers John Tolliday and Nick Garner were working in the village hall when they dropped in at the Jolly Crispin pub for a beer.

Once there, a new resident in the village asked, in a rather condescending way, what goes on in Lutton.

“And the idea of bugling the Lincolnshire sausage, in the same way the Scottish pipe in the haggis, just popped into my head and out of my mouth!” said Mr Tolliday.

Within six months the event was held, and villagers have flocked to their local pub to celebrate the sausage every year since.

Saturday’s event once again saw Holbeach butcher Swepstones provide their famous sausages and QV Foods the potatoes as villagers tucked into a bangers and mash feast.

There was also a quiz and a raffle as £522 was raised for village hall refurbishment.

Mr Tolliday thanked the Crispin for use of their facilities and regular buglers Arthur and Maureen Mail.

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