Bake with friends in West Pinchbeck

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Some women are meeting in secret to indulge in one of their shared guilty pleasures.

However, Lesley Challans has no truck with secrecy and is prepared to be open about the pastime that gives her such gratification.

Lesley Challans is inviting other bakers to join her in a Cake and Bake Club. Photo: SG281113-118NG

Lesley Challans is inviting other bakers to join her in a Cake and Bake Club. Photo: SG281113-118NG

In fact, Lesley, of West Pinchbeck, is rather hoping that other women who are just as passionate will be interested in meeting up to talk about it, share tips and even try each others... cakes, bread or whatever item of baking they would like to bring along.

Television programmes such as The Great British Bake Off have encouraged a renaissance in baking, although Lesley, mother to four grown up sons, says she has “always baked”.

When Lesley decided she wanted to meet up with other people who are passionate about baking she did consider the Clandestine Cake Club, which meets all over the country and has a branch in Boston.

However, she, says: “You can only bake big cakes and it is quite strict in its guidelines. You can’t bake breads or cup cakes. And it’s supposed to be in a secret location each time – I imagine it is in a cafe or something.”

Instead, with the help of one of her sons, Lesley has created a website – – and hopes to follow this up with a Cake and Bake Club, if enough people are interested.

She says: “I am hoping there are some like-minded bakers out there who would like to meet up to sample goodies, have a chat and make new friends, with no discrimination against any form of baking.

“This is absolutely not about producing a perfect product or in any way a competition.

“I am just a home baker and not everything turns out as expected, but it would be nice to meet and enjoy sharing recipes, successes as well as disasters.”

Lesley and husband Ken have lived in South Holland for the past six or seven years, and Lesley admits the social aspect appeals to her too.

“It’s difficult to get to know a lot of people as you get older, especially when you do something like move away.”

The couple share an interest in classic cars and have friends in that circle, some of whom are interested in the Cake and Bake Club.

If there aren’t too many people, meetings could be held in Lesley’s home and there might even be space for workshops.

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