Ayscoughfee pupils doing their bit

Ayscoughfee Schoolchildren cleaning up Spalding ANL-150513-182657001
Ayscoughfee Schoolchildren cleaning up Spalding ANL-150513-182657001
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Children in Year 6 at Spalding’s Ayscoughfee Hall School have been ‘doing their bit’ for the community.

As part of their new ‘life skills’ initiative devised by head teacher, Mrs Clare Ogden and Year 6 teacher Mrs Nic Laud, the pupils have been divided into groups of five and have spent Friday afternoons in a variety of community-based projects.

No Caption ABCDE ANL-150513-182308001

No Caption ABCDE ANL-150513-182308001

Rotating the groups has given each child the opportunity to visit retired people at Georgian Court, in Spalding – where they have taken cakes and chatted to residents – to help sort food donations at AGAPE food bank, to clear litter along the River Welland and to help the younger children in their classes.

On successful completion of each activity the children have record books signed and dated by the staff accompanying them. Mrs Ogden said: “So far the response from all the adults involved has been fantastic.

“The children have been complimented on their behaviour and manners and they have loved being out in the community.

“Although we pride ourselves on academic and sporting success at Ayscoughfee the idea of the Life Skills Challenge is that we extend the children further.

“It’s all about developing their social skills such as a confident hand-shake and about putting something back into society.”

Mrs Laud added that the children had been aware of litter as an issue through earlier work in school.

Putting on a new ‘high vis’ jacket and getting out with the litter pickers had added a whole new dimension to the topic!

Year 6 pupil Peter Cook said: “It’s been great fun but also we’re helping the community and environment which is brilliant.”