Ayscoughfee goes social

Ayscoughfee Hall
Ayscoughfee Hall
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History is to be brought bang up to date with plans to launch Ayscoughfee Museum onto the social media scene.

Websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will be used to highlight the work of the Spalding museum and gardens in a bid to bring it to the attention and make it more relevant to younger people.

Other initiatives are also in the pipeline as part of its Forward Plan, which is updated each year to maintain Ayscoughfee’s accredited museum status, including temporary exhibitions in the hall, new information leaflets and guides and more craft fairs and theatrical performances in the gardens.

South Holland District Council’s portfolio holder for localism and big society, Nick Worth, said: “This is part of annual review we have to do to show Arts Council England that we are doing positive things to attract more people and make the museum sustainable in the long-term.

“Social media, including Twitter and YouTube, is part of that to attract younger people particularly who may think museums are a bit stuffy generally.

“We are also doing more work with schools as we find children often go home and tell their parents what a good time they have had and that attracts more people in.

“It is surprising when we hold events at Ayscoughfee how many people who come along say they have never visited before – it’s that old thing of not seeing what’s on your own doorstep.”

It is also hoped that Spalding Town Forum’s plans to reinstate a bandstand in Ayscoughfee Gardens will contribute to the entertainment on offer.

Part of the ongoing work at the museum includes taking an inventory of all the exhibits, which enables staff to dispose of those which are no longer relevant to increase storage space for new material.

A good inventory also means staff are able to choose some of the exhibits in storage to create temporary exhibits which can be rotated on a regular basis.

Coun Worth said: “It is all about making the most of what we have got.”

The Forward Plan also highlights issues of maintaining and repairing the listed building and its gardens to ensure conditions of grant funding are met and to ensure the museum does not have to be closed while large scale repairs are done.

Search for Ayscoughfee on Facebook or see the existing photostream by searching on Flickr.

Twitter feed and YourTube videos coming soon.