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AUTISTIC LINCS: Who speaks loudest for you?

There is a conference in Lincoln next week hosted by the charity PAACT (Parents And Autistic Children Together).

Rainbow Stars, a charity in Sleaford, has launched a new website.

What can Spalding learn from these more established charities and areas?

An autistic-led conference? A pride day was once on the cards but now perhaps it would be unwise to have the typical street version of a pride day... but perhaps it would serve autistic people to have an online conference instead?

We’ve seen with Autistic Pride events on a larger scale this year that online is a valid way of connecting with communities.

Of course, there are exceptions to the myth that autistic people automatically prefer being online as opposed to physical connection with people.

In my personal life, I look past Christmas because I’m not keen but I see the gifts in every day, as I’ve no doubt that millions have seen these last few months.

PAACT is popular with Lincoln folk, I believe, though I’d like to also mention CANADDA, a Lincoln-based organisation with an autistic person at the head.

As I look at the list of speakers for the event spanning Monday to Friday this week, I wonder about who you, the reader, would have if you could help to create the conference:

Geoff Evans – Monday, November 16: ‘What works when supporting autistic children and young people?’

In this presentation, Geoff draws on more than 36 years’ experience of supporting autistic children and young people and their families to outline what he believes works when supporting autistic young people.

He argues that underpinning all we do is an understanding of how
autism impacts on the individual, listening and learning from the autistic person and those who know them and a willingness to use all the ethical approaches and resources available.

Andrew Whitehouse – Tuesday, November 17:‘Diagnosis: Will it make a difference?’

For this presentation, the SEN consultant will discuss the pros and cons of gaining a diagnosis for children with neurodiversities and in particular autism.

Clare Truman – Wednesday, November 18: ‘Supporting Siblings of Autistic Children’.

She draws both on her personal experience and her experience of helping the families of her students in this talk.

She believes that growing up alongside an autistic sibling has been a positive experience and she will highlight these positives while also providing practical strategies to address some of the challenges that siblings of autistic people may experience in day to day life.

Rebecca Duffus – Thursday, November 19:‘Small changes that make a positive difference to our autistic students in the classroom’.

In this presentation, Rebecca explores the underlying potential differences for autistic students in the classroom and suggests small changes that can support young people to access the curriculum.

Paul Hughes – Friday, November 20: ‘Osama, Obama and finding Nirvana…Special Needs Required!’

A journey of self discovery and an appreciation of having a different way of thinking and being to the norm, which in reality has given me a great advantage in life!

Hop onboard the Paul mindset bus and discover the real you!

Similar to my question in a former column about which charities/organisations have made the biggest impact, which voices in the community have spoken the loudest to you?

Ciao for now!

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