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Autistic Lincs: Children Of Change

Hello there! Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

What a privilege it was to be in the audience of the fifth annual Spalding Guardian/Lincolnshire Free Press Education Awards.

It stood out to me that there were so many children involved in so many wonderful things and I was really enthralled by their choice to act in the interests of their community.

That's me, back right, at the Education Awards! (13500686)
That's me, back right, at the Education Awards! (13500686)

I was attending with David Snape, a radio show host, Autistic Led member and generally wonderful autistic advocate in Bourne. I thought about the potential, the pride and the success of the people in that function hall at the South Holland Centre, and I was reminded of how he and I as adults, who had faced our own struggles and pushed forward, were positioned as role models for new generations of people.

Our stories have not been fully told as no one’s story truly is, but the traces of our existence we have left so far in the form of a radio show, a performance, a Facebook or Twitter post; all of it matters.

And it made me think of what the children, diagnosed on the autistic spectrum or simply on the spectrum of life will accomplish in life because we were all children once and I do believe that the environment plays a significant part of it all.

What will be your legacy?

It was a very reflective night and to think that last year I was on my stage without a group or, as I call it affectionately, a ‘tribe’ behind me, it reaffirmed for me what I am doing and what David is doing and I am extremely fortunate to have these current circumstances.

But we must not rest on the laurels of complacency and I know that David keeps very busy, as must I.

And I certainly do not doubt that for the youth of South Holland, for all the bad raps they sometimes get, nights like The Education Awards are spotlight moments for those that refuse to be defined by their circumstances, their stories that they think have already been written. They haven’t.

Because environments may play a significant part of it all, in my mind, but it is not the whole of it.

Much like I believe in The Compassionate Classroom, which is to nurture our most vulnerable INSIDE our schools, colleges and other places of learning without dumping anyone onto the carers, the nurses, the social and emergency services when crises hit ‘because it’s their job,’ we must also nurture our most vulnerable and harness the talents of all people whilst we can OUTSIDE the places of learning. We may be adults now but the time is now for the children of change.

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