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AUTISTIC LINCS: The end is the beginning

Hi all, Callum Brazzo continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

The Education Awards returns this year as do some other events we have been reminiscing about and will engage with once again, such as the popular Going Forward Festival.

Be sure to visit Autistic Lincs’ Facebook page online for how to support the festival; it only comes back with YOUR support.

Autistic author Callum Brazzo.
Autistic author Callum Brazzo.

Reviving old systems and old events is part of this process we’re still on as we begin the next stages of taking back Spalding.

This includes the educational sector and with the
Education Awards on the rise, it makes me wonder who has shone in the darkness , particularly in recent times.

I recount with absolute pleasure, my performance at the Education Awards in 2018 where I was quoted as saying: “I’m a firm believer that knowing where you’ve been can show you where you can go.”

This societal journey of Covid, lockdown and all it’s entailed, brought out the worst and the best of us and I believe that these awards will be like no other because these times have been like no other.

What are the gaps in our education around autistic people and our community?

With gay autistic pioneer Alan Turing being put on the new £50 note, how are we representing gay autistic people? Trans and non-
binary autistic people? Black autistic people?

Autistic people whose primary language isn’t English, what then?

You may argue that there AREN’T any of those people in South Holland... but I didn’t know there were so many autistic people willing to engage with Autistic Led.

I didn’t know how this column would turn out and here we are, three years on.

There are many more conversations and communities to connect with as shops return, educators continue to adapt and reform. We only have to look at the recent graffiti in our town as a starting point.

And so, in order to truly know something, we have to be ready to know nothing.

It doesn’t matter about a week, month or year of ‘awareness’ or acceptance, the end of it all is the beginning.

Love and solidarity,

Ciao for now!

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