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AUTISTIC LINCS: None of us are autistic for a week only!

Recently I attended the LORIC Autism Ideas Symposium which was essentially an online event uniting voices in the autistic community, neurotypical and autistic alike.

This particular event focused on autistic teachers and autistic people transitioning from university to the creative industries. It was a really fascinating insight into people within our county and I am glad it exists as a way to connect us all.

Having an autistic teacher back then would have been a massive inspiration back then and, regarding the transition to the creative industries, this is something I’m obviously interested in.

Callum Brazzo.
Callum Brazzo.

I hope that my own transition as a creative goes some way to build a local picture of the art scene.

And that leads onto Joey’s Alternative Art Exhibition which is launching this week and I’m excited about it.

Art, whether it’s poetry or painting has always been my outlets for empowering the autistic community and this month is no different.

Yes, month because a week is not long enough (only autistic for a week!?)

There are multiple events and such happening this month that I’d like people to be aware of as really productive ways of bringing acceptance into action; ‘awareness’ is no longer good enough.


Autistic Inclusive Meets (AIM) and Reclaiming Autism – autistic wellbeing and mental health conference, May 1 and 2 (Facebook);

AIM Autistic Pride Craft Fair (hopefully in person) Sunday, July 25, 1pm – 4pm (Facebook).


Aucademy on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (especially their In Discussion live chats); Autistic employment issues, and peer support: Dr Catriona Stewart Aucademy in discussion with Chloe

Ponderful: (2) Sia’s ‘Music’ is Dangerously Bad & Here’s Why.

Autistamatic: (2) Autism Life: Alexithymia Q&A (Talking About Emotions)


A Change Of Perspective Podcast: A Change of Perspective - Ep. 1 Women in Creativity [Reupload] in A Change of Perspective [Series 1 - 2021/22] (soundcloud.com)

Neurologic: Neurologic (libsyn.com)

I hope that this content provides a pathway to knowledge, self-love and action.

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