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AUTISTIC LINCS: Forget Sia's film, Australia is still close to my heart

Enough has been said about Sia’s film but I wanted to give this more depth.

Sia is Australian and Australia has a place of deep significance within the autistic community and my heart.

Australian-born Judy Singer is recognized as coining the term ‘Neurodiversity’ which can be used to
describe the variety of human brains under which you’d find the autistic identity amongst any other norm-resisting identities.

Music, directed by Sia (44436446)
Music, directed by Sia (44436446)

Australia is a place I’ve wanted to travel to for a long time, before knowing of Judy Singer’s role in our narrative because of a band called Bliss N Eso, a rap group.

Their mix of downright crazy, uplifting and serious moods on songs has alway emotionally engaged me.

But they’re a world away and the relationship between Australia and I is so close and yet so far. Akin to the often warring parts of the autistic community with parents and others that don’t have lived experience.

Emotionally, I’m already there. But I want to physically immerse in the culture, just once in my life.

I want to look at the land on which lighthouses of influence like Judy Singer, Donna Williams and Yenn Purkis built a foundation.

I want to know the terrain which cultivates places like Reframing Autism .

And when you think about the history of how Australia kept convicts, thieves and the like that have been rejected or condemned by society, it adds another layer of meaning.

Because when you’re tarred for a crime you haven’t committed, which must have been the case for some of Australia’s past ‘criminals,’ that’s injustice.

And that is a common overlap with the autistic community.

A social crime based on biased circumstantial evidence.

Laws that favour one method of communication over another.

Punished every time an autistic person’s freedom to express their identity gets met with pity, denial and overall ignorance.

The Aborigine’s connection to Australia and indeed those that inherited their earth also bears resemblance to the uprising of the autistic community, taking back control of a story long-told by those who stand on history but forget the roots.

We are the natives.

But there are others here.

And there will others after us. What matters is now.

Let’s keep building on the foundations until we all find a place called home.

Love and solidarity,

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