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Spalding area's Callum Brazzo celebrates funding to expand Autistic Led

This week, I am overjoyed to inform you all that Autistic Led has received new funding to expand what we do at Tonic Health!

What this looks like in practice is still in development but I can tell you that we have plans for a furniture restoration project and some talks being planned within the community. Trust me, it’s exciting stuff!

The Autism Funding Network has granted funding for various projects around Lincolnshire so best believe that it is my intention to showcase not just what we do at Autistic Led but the many other wonderful projects and people that shine golden lights on our county.

Columnist Callum Brazzo (28013407)
Columnist Callum Brazzo (28013407)


I’m proud as an autistic man and I’m proud as a man with many seeds sown in the soils of Lincolnshire, of the response to the call for funding. This tells me that, despite all the cuts we hear about and feel the sharp stings of, the inequalities, the issues that have yet to find platforms, that people are ready to embrace difference, implement change and above all, actively engage in conversations around autistic people and those connected to them. Connections with family, friends, schools and colleges. Connections with those diagnosed and undiagnosed, lost in systems of society that have oppressed and rejected our existence as totally whole autistic people.

It is many people’s view, I believe, that Spalding in particular gets left behind historically in favour of Lincoln with funding and opportunities to open doors to connections in all kinds of ways to all kinds of people.

But this funding, signifies to me that there are still connections to be made. Connections anew and connections of old to inform us of where we’ve been in terms of our education and support around the autistic community but also to inform us of where we can go.

I started Autistic Lincs with a column called Autism: A Human Story. That was the one shot I needed to see if there were people out there willing to give this column a go.

And just like my column has validation, so too will the narratives of those with funding, and the orchestra of voices that want to amplify and ultimately get connected!

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