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AUTISTIC LINCS: Book of beginnings

World Book Day (Thursday, March 4) is approaching us in a few weeks and I want your recommendations.

Literary influence has never been so widespread with technology being the crop and current Covid conditions being the fertilizer.

It’s everywhere.

World Book Day (44518753)
World Book Day (44518753)

So let’s take advantage of the vast knowledge available to us.

Share the books, E-books and so forth that have captured your imagination.

When it comes to the autistic community or any community, authentic representation is key.

DSM, eat your heart out.

For the uninitiated, that means Diagnostic and Statistical Manual which includes the (very neurotypically biased) description of the autistic identity.

Therefore, I humbly ask that you also share the books, E-books and writers that have helped you embrace and empower the autistic identity, be it a family member, son/daughter or yourself!

In other news, I have recently been talking with the small team of autistic educators, Aucademy, on their Facebook page about Tourette’s, the rural autistic community and my project The 100 Day Community Kit.

This last element of the conversation I had which you can also find on YouTube is particularly pertinent
because of the history I aspire to reclaim.

Autism Speaks is a cure-centric charity I’ve written about before but the stench of eugenics and hate lingers.

Their numerous ‘kits’ are aimed to scare, overwhelm and pathologise autistic people and their loved ones in the 100 days following diagnosis.

The 100 Day Community Kit, however, aims to pull together the resources of
individual communities with an orchestra of voices singing from the hymn sheets of acceptance and empowerment.

It is my desire to put these kits in places that newly diagnosed people can see and absorb so that diagnosis is not treated as a death sentence but as a celebration and often times a reintroduction to your truest self.

Let’s write new beginnings. For the future.

I did this through poetry.

Books take digital and physical form nowadays but stories of life are being told every day.

As one of my all-time favourite songs by Natasha Bedingfield states:

“This is where your book begins.

“The rest is still unwritten.”

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