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AUTISTIC LINCS: The investment we need in mental health system is not money

People are getting desperate out there. Nothing but chicken nuggets out there to cure the autism!

A quick poem I made on the matter:

Vax or fiction?

Callum Brazzo (43037757)
Callum Brazzo (43037757)

F*** it.

Let’s all get chicken nuggets and be cured

from autism’s luggage

Weighing us down.

Ronald McDonald’s been making us clowns.

Sad acts of society!

Meanwhile the doctors under attack;

Amet, Wakefield…and Elle Mac

Hell has no fury like

Spurious quacks.

Don’t serve me ass burgers

You’re the meatheads here.

And let autistic neurology be of authentic quality

Whilst you breed and spread fear. (article here via The Mirror and autistic advocate Emma Dalmayne: www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/self-styled-210-hour-autism-22937387)

Jokes aside(or not in some people’s minds),it’s really unfortunate that we are having to go into another lockdown, not least because it’s a sudden change and lots of autistic people struggle to manage. It’s like being in darkness, seeing the light at the end of a tunnel, only to succumb to darkness yet again.

Autistic Led, the autistic adult peer support group emanating from Tonic Health in Spalding, has been affected too.

But our diverse network of communication, I think, keeps us going. If there was only one way to connect, ie physically, we would be screwed on multiple levels even WITHOUT COVID-19.

Expecting autistic people to enjoy socially gathering with lots of people isn’t
always realistic.

Expecting autistic people to WANT aloneness is always realistic.

Expectations from whose perspective?

But whilst our world’s inevitable illumination, I believe, isn’t shining for us right now, this is merely a prolonged incubation period for those kinds of conversations that we need to have.

When backed into a corner, into awkward situations, equally awkward conversations can begin.

As I’ve mentioned before, when lockdown was deep into our collective consciousness, it would be unsurprising for previously ‘hidden’ autistic people to unmask.

Stress and anxiety rise to a new baseline for many autistic people whose very existence is challenged from the start (undeniably) with myths that are perpetuated and so people may seem to ‘act out,’ act ‘more autistic’ or ‘regress’ but this is just an extreme version of the Coke bottle effect.

This is precisely the time for compassion, connection and tangible change for the world we do want.

I cannot imagine the pressure on those in charge of leading the country but this is a crucial tipping point in terms of narratives to ditch off the cliff and for other narratives to ascend into prominence.

The spectrum of services that is the mental health system has never needed such robust investment. Without a penny being spent.

Intangible changes in how we approach and connect with autistic people. Greater across-the-board communication in relation to what being autistic is, the cycle of needs involved and overall more autistic input into the systems that concern us.

This is, of course, a work in progress, but I would like to make a column on the vastness, the history of mental health in South Holland and the lessons we may have learned to show in visual format, perhaps just how far we’ve come, what we got right and wrong, and how far we have to go.

Until then, do get involved in the linked groups, pages etc that I share because I think many of them are invaluable (not self-promotion)

The countdown to Christmas begins…

Ciao for now!

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