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AUTISTIC LINCS: The Family and Friends Facebook Messenger Room

Hi all, Callum Brazzo here once again, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

Autistic Led, the autistic adult peer support group is trying something new on Sunday, August 9 from 11amto noon: The Family and Friends Facebook Messenger Room.

In order to bring acceptance and empowerment to our communities, I have
always believed it’s important to have conversations outside of those within the inner circle of focus.

Autistic author Callum Brazzo.
Autistic author Callum Brazzo.

Meaning, that as much as we must expand self-knowledge, develop self-acceptance and self-empowerment, we cannot realistically achieve these goals without public participation.

So this will be an opportunity for friends, family and those closest to the autistic individuals to meet each other (hosted by me) and connect.

Some autistic people aren’t confident enough to be their own advocate or prefer others to be their advocate (my dadwas always mine in my formative years) so I recognise the integral part that allies play.

Some autistic people don’t have the sense of communal responsibility that others do that compels them to be on the frontline of things... and that’s okay!

Some people disagree and feel so passionate about the historical oppression of the autistic community and culture that they want to bring others into it.

But autistic and neurotypical people alike are often lacking in information so it’s essential in my mind to bridge that gap.

Whilst Autistic Led tries something new and continues to evolve its roots, we are still having Zoom meetings every Thursdayat 4.30pm-5.30pm. We have informal chats and the session is strictly for autistic adults.

Please contact Callum Brazzo Autistic Led on Facebook for any questions about Autistic Led regarding our trial of the Family and Friends session and, like
always, your thoughts on these columns (new and old!)

Ciao for now!

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