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Good news around the time of transition days

Hello there! Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

Alan Turing, a gay and autistic man, has been put on the £50 note. WHAT!

This happens around the time of what I’ve seen termed as ‘Transition Day’ to describe primary school pupils moving onto secondary school.

It’s significant to mention this because having Alan Turing, widely regarded as the ‘father of modern computing,’ is a transition in history and I do not doubt that many more young minds will learn about this icon with a new layer to his life.

Callum Brazzo (14128387)
Callum Brazzo (14128387)

He may have been learning his own enigma code of life and how his brain worked but, kin to the computers he fixed and fiddled with without bringing attention to his myriad accomplishments as a master of his craft, he could be described as ‘shut down.’ Broken down.

The gay and autistic communities share a very similar story of oppression with conversion therapies, crimes committed against us or in the case of Alan Turing, driven us to end our own lives.

It is not appropriate to co-opt a ‘pride’ trend on Twitter but it cannot be denied that there is certain solidarity in rejecting the injustices we have historically (and currently) endured.

So this particular transition in history takes us from history into the future.

The immediate future, to mean this weekend on Saturday, July 27, holds the Going Forward Music Festival for people with learning disabilities, where Autistic Led will have a stall and all involved will represent our county with pride.

The day after, Sunday, July 28, Little Miracles’ Family Fun Day will feature an opening speech/poems from yours truly and together as a united front, Autistic Led and Little Miracles will represent our county with pride.

Tonic Health once had all three of these groups at their venue and I feel very proud to be working with all of these community lanterns in Lincolnshire, lighting the path to access and advocacy up gold.

But being proud of where we are does not mean we can ignore the past. We must use it to our advantage and remember to mourn deaths, celebrate lives and create better futures.

Alan Turing, and his story, will be broken down once again... but this time, his name and his story will create change...

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Ciao for now!

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