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Autistic Lincs: The Autistic Show

Hello there! Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

This is supposed to be The Autism Show 2019 Part 3 to keep with our theme of actually attending the ‘national event for autism'.

I didn’t go.

Callum Brazzo (13216301)
Callum Brazzo (13216301)

Financially, it was always the most expensive trip and without any money to compensate for the outgoing funds, it was an easier decision to make.

It was harder to think about when I contemplated the platform I could have used for a bigger purpose.

But I still chose to miss it and, honestly speaking, I doubt that besides the obvious talking slot gap, they wouldn’t be able to fill my void.

I don’t matter on a national stage like many of the other speakers, for good and controversial reasons.

So I’m typing this column from home and I am happy about that because I am still working on my progression of realities concept (novelette – short film – theatre show) offline and online.

It was always going to be hard selling people on something they can’t see. VR headset that comes with Callum’s Brainwaves attached please…

Until then, I will push on and find other platforms to present and perform on. They are out there.

Just like Greg in my novelette.

On the theme of my concept, I got a reply on Twitter from Seth Sentry, telling me who to contact in regards to using his epic song ‘My Scene’ which mentions someone getting mistaken for ‘Greg’ (a key part of my story) so I am ecstatic about that!

So we’re progressing. Just in a different direction and that’s okay.

The Autism Show, or actually, The Autistic Show, is my tribe of autistic advocates and I every single day.

On that note, Autistic Led has a new YouTube channel launched! Starting with some of my poetry performances, it’s all about Autistic-led content.

So like, share and subscribe for lots of community stuff (not always exclusive to the autistic community!)

I have plans for cooking, pranks, parkour, painting and lots more wonderful projects and play!

Oh and next week is the fifth Education Awards at South Holland Centre so watch this space!

One door closes, another opens. Because opportunity knocks.

Hello world.

Further Reading And Events:

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Contact me via Facebook @CallumBrazzo, Twitter @CallumBrazzo and through Letters To The Editor.

Ciao for now!


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