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AUTISTIC LINCS: The Autism Show Part 2

By Spalding Today Columnist

Hello there! Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

A quick update from Part 1 in London. I did not perform at Speaker’s Corner as it was difficult to really engage the crowd and no one in our small group felt up to trying. But that did not ruin anything and Birmingham was another success.

It was not an easy ride but it was a lot of fun.

It was not an easy ride because the laptop with my updated presentation (displayed fully in London) died and I did not have a USB stick with it saved on therefore I gave a far less visual and detailed account of my dreamy concept.


I am very informal and relaxed most of the time in these situations so I casually informed the crowd, multiple times actually, that this was unintended but I hope that the general idea of the novelette – short film – theatre show conglomerate was understood.

I know what I’m doing and hopefully, in time, so will others!

There was no pride picnic, that I was aware of, like there was in London so I went straight home afterwards but it is always a pleasure to have a platform on which to say my piece.

Sara Jane Harvey, AKA Agony Autie, talked about inaccessibility and the title she chose means Sara must have psychically known about The Progression Of Realities and my audience because it was called ‘I Can’t Access This.’

It was a poignant portrait of the difficulties we often face as autistic people trying to integrate into a society that favours the majority’s norms.

I will link to her page in Further Reading And Events.

It wasn’t an easy ride in Birmingham but I wasn’t alone.

As one of my group members, and awesome autistic advocate in their own right, had a ticket for the event, we ended up travelling there together!

The first time I’d ever been to the Show without family, by blood at least.

The Tribe, as I have begun fondly referring to my group as such, was not in full force but it made clear to me the potential of it.

It was extremely exciting to walk around with them, sometimes chatting and sometimes with headphones, it didn’t matter. Lincolnshire was repping it up!

Here, I should explain that attendees are given headphones connected to the various spaces in which speakers do their thing so it made sense…

Anywhere else, you might assume we are in our world but the truth is that, damn it, this is OUR world.

Given the circumstances of London and Birmingham so far, I’ve been interrupted ON-STAGE by someone looking for another speaker (not due to me boring them, I don’t believe…) and I’ve had a less than stellar presentation so before I close, I want to ask your thoughts on what else can go ‘wrong'.

Will I get heckled? Will someone cry? Will anti-vaxxers or bleach cultists appear? Will I inspire someone? Will I find love?

Life is not always an easy ride but if you don’t bother to get on it and go somewhere…you won’t go anywhere. It’s the journey, not necessarily the destination.

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Contact me via Facebook @CallumBrazzo, Twitter @CallumBrazzo and through Letters To The Editor.
Ciao for now!


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