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AUTISTIC LINCS: The Golden Plantation

Hello there! Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

As you will be aware if you're on the Autistic Lincs Facebook page, I have recently been experimenting with painting and created The Golden Plantation.

It began as some hands but swiftly morphed into a fluorescently flowery formation on the canvas.

I have also been parkour training which is another novel venture for me.

(Video footage of this, if I go this week, will be out this week.)

The reason I have been doing these things is because I have sorely required some me-time and I am redefining my life.

And in contrast to the leisure activities of my reinvigorated self, we have a serious redefinition needed in terms of how we care for autistic people.

Whorlton Hall, in County Durham, is yet another example of the abhorrent treatment autistic people are too often subjected to and I get tired of saying it but we have to change.

Recently, I have been feeling like I am flogging a dead horse or that I am the donkey chomping at the eternally elusive carrot when I spread messages of unity and they continue to go unheard and unseen.

It seems abysmal but 10 individuals have since been arrested which gives me hope.

I hope that the many mistakes and abuse of the past will bring a radical revolution in the framework of the care system.

There is always hope. I must believe that.

There are certain moments or full-on movements that take root in parts of the world that give me hope.

One of my support group members makes me so proud because he has made a Facebook blog called K-Dog's Blog. I will do everything I can to help it flourish and I'd appreciate any support.

I will link it below but to have such a young man, who continues to find new outlets for his crucial story of his struggles and successes to be told, and continues to challenge himself in life, it gives me hope.

The A Word, a popular TV series about an autistic boy called Joe and the diversity of his world and those within it returns for series three this year. This, whilst some of it has been criticised in the past, gives me hope that what we broadcast to the casual viewer will be in the best interests of autistic people.

I reserve judgement, as I believe we all should, until it airs.

I have also confirmed, after some initial confusion and conflict eventually resolved in dialogue between autistic people and the event organisers, that I will talk at the national event, The Autism Show, about my upcoming 'Progression Of Realities' – book-cum-short film-cum-theatre show on June 15, 22 and 28.

I will be in London, Birmingham and Manchester respectively and it is ultimately an opportunity to create tangible change in the discourse regarding autistic people and our world as a whole.

So, I am hopeful.

There are seeds of hope and it is up to us as people to care for them and allow them to grow in authentically autistic ways that stop us resorting to drastically ill-conceived manners of care.

We have to nourish and shine on our seedlings with golden glows of compassion and community.

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Contact me via Facebook @CallumBrazzo, Twitter @CallumBrazzo and through Letters To The Editor.

Ciao for now!


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