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Hello there! Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

This subject is seemingly multi-layered and very personal to a lot of people.

That's what you'd be led to believe but I am telling you my say on the matter as an authentic source, purely because this subject is about me.

Callum Brazzo (7394218)
Callum Brazzo (7394218)

I'm talking vaccines and autism.

I bring this up because of the news that only dropped towards the end of the week which is YouTube pulling ads from anti-vax, meaning anti-vaccination, conspiracy videos.

Why is that news?

Why wouldn't you vaccinate?

What is the conspiracy?

The answers link to a column posted online on in August 2018 (How To End The Hate Epidemic) when I wrote about a book coming out at the time which detailed how to 'end' autism.

You will forgive me when I get offended at the thought of something wanting to eradicate my existence. My neurology is nothing to be ashamed of, however many desperate people go to desperate measures as wild as camel's milk to bleach enemas.

But when it comes to vaccines, although the desperation can often still be part of The Why, thousands of people are actively choosing not to get life-saving shots in fear of the autistic identity.

I do not to give the man, the 'doctor' responsible for the mainstream delusion that the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine caused you to be autistic any more fame by posting his name, honestly, but I will share his name at least once for the purpose of history.

Andrew Wakefield. This man was eventually struck off the list as an official doctor which has its fair share of publicity and I won't go into the background here but rather focus on the very real implications of his actions and the human connection that was missed in all of it.

I am autistic. Many of us relate to people and relate to the world differently and the social and sensory processing of the universe we all inherit can be gently nurtured not to rewire but to spark unique and beautiful connections of our own. This can be done without forcing us to connect in a certain way, certain ways that damage our autistic selves.

Vaccines save lives. Autistic lives don't need saving.

We are not your victims. We may have vulnerable moments of distress, confusion due to the social and sensory processing we do every day to accommodate OTHERS, but understanding the triggers of our communication with you is at the root of it all.

So I'm sure YouTube taking the actions they have will further promote this idea that the anti-vax community harvest which is of 'Big Pharma.'

This is about pharmaceutical companies conspiring against us with the government to make our children and people 'ill'. Autism is not a sickness, ignorance and hate is, so once again I implore you to check the root of the situation, engage with authentic sources of information (hint, hint) and really find out what the autistic community want and what we don't want.

We've spent generations accommodating you so it's time to reverse the roles ever so slightly, wouldn't you say?

The remaining issue I will very lightly touch upon is 'regression.'

People think they are seeing autistic people 'regress' into former stages of development due to the vaccine and in reality, this is a matter of 'correlation does not equal causation'.

Just because two things seem linked, they aren't.

Please, please, please, let's stop living like autistic people are diseased, othered and generally undesirable freaks and start living humanely?

I'll be glad to further reveal the facts and the fiction of our autistic identities but one thing you cannot do is judge a book by its cover.

Autistic people have written and, indeed, are writing paragraphs of our personalities, chapters of our communities and creating autistic-led narratives to delve into.

Let's have quiet in the library and read some of them.

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Till next time. You can contact me via Lincs Free Press or via Facebook and Twitter at 'Callum Brazzo' with any thoughts or questions.

Ciao for now!

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