Arrest the dealers is resident’s plea

Library picture: Donington news.
Library picture: Donington news.
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A Donington resident wants police to arrest known drug dealers in the village to stop teenagers “walking around pie-eyed on weed”.

The man, who asked not to be named, says there are dealers supplying drugs “almost with impunity” while police must know who they are.

The resident spoke out at Donington Parish Council, telling members: “There’s one drug taker/supplier who’s been in Donington for 20 years and he’s still going strong. Are we going to have a whole generation that’s walking round pie-eyed on weed because that’s what’s happening?”

He said skunk, a potent form of cannabis linked to mental health disorders, is being dealt in Donington along with cocaine and heroin, which were previously only available in local towns.

PCSO Colin Abbotts said: “I can only act on what I am told. You need to complain to the police.”

The previous parish council meeting was told evidence of cannabis taking was discovered at Flinders Park and in the skate park.

PCSO Abbotts told councillors on Thursday he is patrolling later at nights to watch for drug taking.

Parish council chairman Arthur Baldwin said drug taking is a problem everywhere, not just in Donington.

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