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Spalding area's Callum Brazzo: 'Are you alone?'

Hi all, Callum Brazzo here once again continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

Education isn’t static or confined to a box.

But you’d think that with the image I’ve seen of children in classes with box-like structures over their heads.


I can’t help thinking about Sensory Spectacle.

Who, you ask?

Sensory Spectacle is an organisation that seeks to educate us, the general public and people with sensory processing differences alike, on our sensory system.

I remember being at The Autism Show (billed as The National Event For Autism which is not a belief I am aligned with) but at the show/conference that had stalls and speakers and resources all over the place in three separate locations, I was fortunate enough to lend my support to the running of their stand.

They had a box of sorts that went over your head with the purpose of giving you a sense (pun intended) of what having a sensory processing difference might be like.

You were encouraged to take various tests under this box with voices reverberating around the box as well as a noise cancelling effect (I believe)

I write about this because of the subjective matter of ‘isolation.’

The image, to the unknowing, may look like an isolated situation but by utilising an immersive experience like Sensory Spectacle did with me at the conference, you can come away feeling so empowered about the needs and desires for those with sensory processing differences.

I spend time at school in an area called Isolation (I am not aware of whether it still exists) but for someone like me, a shy autistic child, this was a refuge for my thoughts (and procrastinations, I’ll admit, though the root of it all is one and the same).

So I do not fear the new classroom experiences as many others, however, I do certainly believe that if you have a basic human desire for physical contact whether it’s hugs or groups in classrooms removed, it’s bound to wind people up.

And yet some places are saying ‘cash only’ which makes absolutely no sense to me regarding bacteria but that is my case in point.

The desire for connection is undisputed but it is what you are connecting over that matters.

Money. Perceived communication norms of the majority. The idea that someone is lonely because they are alone.

As the world prepares for contact with a new educational environment, it is all the more contactless.

Ciao for now.

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