Approval is recommended for Gosberton homes development

Planning applications
Planning applications
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Planners will meet on Tuesday evening to consider a scheme to build a 46-home development in Gosberton High Street.

Officers have recommended that the plan, submitted by Mr and Mrs Dennis, be 
approved when South Holland Council’s planning committee meets.

The plan is to build on greenfield land which currently has an equestrian use as a private paddock.

Part of the site is within the defined settlement area for Gosberton, but a large part of it lies adjacent to it.

Gosberton Parish Council has no objection to the plan but nine objections and two letters of concern have been received from nearby residents.

The points raised include:

• The access road to number 25A is also a right of way to number 25. The access was not designed or constructed for modern, heavier, traffic which may also have a seriously detrimental effect on number 25;

• An increase in traffic along the High Street would not be desirable due to current congestion at peak times;

• There is a considerable bend in Boston Road which may restrict views for a new access onto this road, which would be dangerous with current speed limits;

• For such plots as 37-40, houses erected rather than bungalows, may cause overlooking, loss of privacy and loss of views;

• The education authority would require £237,419 towards extra school places.

In recommending 
approval, officers said that the main material consideration in this case is the lack of a five-year supply of deliverable housing sites in South Holland.

In such a situation, the National Planning Policy Framework is quite clear that permission should be granted unless any adverse impacts of doing so would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits.

They recommended permission be granted subject to the applicant entering into a Section 106 agreement for the provision of one-third of the dwellings as on-site 
affordable housing units and a financial contribution towards education provision.