APPRENTICESHIPS: It’s called the real world

John Hayes
John Hayes
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History teaches us that most of the great engineering ideas have come from unqualified or late developers.

The politicians’ idea of ‘get some qualifications and get an apprenticeship’ completely misses the point of engaging the youngster with skill in his/her hands; which is what the engineering workshop needs and wants.

The need for qualifications becomes obvious when an apprentice finds what is needed to enhance the journey now on.

Because parents do not read the right Sunday newspaper or have influential friends should not negate a youngster with potential from getting an apprenticeship.

Any grade of pass is okay for a white collar job. However, try getting away with that sort of percentage on the workshop floor and it will be thrown back until it is right. It’s called the real world.

Wonderfully satisfying, wickedly competitive and an incredible leveller; a place politicians – born into ivory towers and easy-to-come-by mortgages – have never lived in.

With the farming community being more and more mechanised, this is surely a suitable band wagon for Mr Hayes to climb on.