Appeal to find missing man

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A KIRTON woman is appealing for help to find her husband who went missing five months ago.

Joanne Gladski has been left not knowing whether husband Jakub is dead or alive after he was last seen buying a bottle of Coca-Cola in Coningsby.

Just 24 hours after that sighting his car was found abandoned in Chapel Six Marshes, Chapel St Leonards, on the Lincolnshire coast, where the couple used to walk their dogs.

Joanne and Jakub had been married for nine years but were separated at the time the 31-year-old went missing on January 2.

The two had remained friends following their separation and Jakub was a regular visitor at the home the couple previously shared.

Joanne, of Green View, Kirton, said: “The thing is we don’t know whether he’s dead or alive and that’s the hardest part to deal with.

“Perhaps someone saw him the day before who can help us build a bigger picture.

“Did he go anywhere? Did he see anybody or speak to anyone?”

She said the couple had not been to Chapel Six Marshes, where Jakub’s car was found, together for a couple of years.

She added: “It was a place we used to go and it was a nice memory for him.”

Jakub came to England 11 years ago from Poland and he worked at the Port of Boston offices as a water clerk as well as for Lincolnshire Police and Boston, Skegness and Grantham courts as an interpreter.

He enjoyed caving, diving and mountain climbing and his caving gear was discovered in his car when it was found,

He also liked travelling and could speak several languages.

Anyone with information should call police on the non-emergency 101 number, or Mission People on 0500 700700.