Any Questions? to be broadcast live from Spalding

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A regular column from South Holland Centre in Spalding.

Tune into BBC Radio 4 next Friday at 8pm to hear what questions local people want answered by a panel of figures from politics and public life.

South Holland’s chance to influence the national debate comes to the South Holland Centre on Friday, March 11, when the Radio 4 flagship current affairs discussion programme Any Questions? will be broadcast live from Spalding.

Chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby, the names of the four panellists are not announced until the last minute – so keep an eye on the centre’s Twitter and Facebook feeds where we will let everyone know as soon as we do.

First broadcast in 1948, Any Questions? has been going out live to the nation on most Friday evenings (with a repeat at Saturday lunchtime) for over 60 years.

The live audience bring their burning questions of topical interest to the venue. About ten potential questions are chosen on the night, usually with four to six questions actually being asked during the live show. One of the stringent and unchanging rules of Any Questions? is that the panel do not see the questions in advance: they hear them for the first time at the same moment as the audience in the auditorium and you at home if you tune in to listen to the programme.

About 1.5 million people across the UK and the world will listen to the Spalding programme.

The event has been fully booked for several weeks so we are looking forward to a lively debate from this part of the country. If you have tickets please do come along with some good questions and make sure you are seated by 7.15pm at the latest. If you have tickets you are now unable to use, please do return them to the centre as we have a waiting list.