ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR: We long for a return of good old days

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Once again, citizens complaining about intimidation, urination, etc in Spalding.

It’s comical. Two to three years on from this “campaign” and it remains the same.

I speak as a 60-year-old Spaldonian, and KNOW the “minority” of LOCALS that remain in Spalding are sick to the back teeth of witnessing aliens drinking, urinating, dumping their rubbish outside their hovels, driving around town with no tax insurance or MOT test.

Some 45 years ago it was a tidy, pleasant town. Now, it’s a toilet. As a local, I would not reside in the town if it was cost free.

Why is Spalding still being plagued by anti-social elements day in day out, despite the perpetual complaints from residents.

The locals long for a return of “the good old days” when Spalding was pleasant. and petrol was five bob (25p) a GALLON, rather than nine bob (43p) a LITRE DO.

Stephen Morley