Anti-immigration march date is a step closer

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Protestors are planning to march through Spalding in April to gather support for their campaign against immigration.

A provisional date of Saturday, April 20, has been given – subject to police approval.

Protest organiser Dean Everitt said campaigners wanted Spalding to be the next location for a march, following a successful demonstration in Boston in November last year.

This would be followed by a second march in Boston –as well as demonstrations in Wisbech and Lincoln – gathering support Pied Piper-style, before taking a big protest to Westminster.

Mr Everitt said: “People were asking for a march in Spalding even before the demonstration in Boston. Residents are sick of migrants and nothing being done about them.

“Europeans cannot come here and think they can act in the same way as they do abroad. People don’t want drinking and urinating in the streets, overcrowding in properties and lack of jobs.

“Residents are becoming afraid to go out, especially at night. We’ve had six murders in three years – and that’s just Boston and Spalding.

“As for stealing our jobs, I’ve been struggling to get work too – the British are not lazy.”

*When hundreds of anti-immigration protesters demonstrated in Boston in November they vowed it was merely the start of their campaign.

Anti-migrant campaigner Dean Everitt said: “The fact it remained peaceful goes to show we are not a bunch of right wing thugs and we are not racists. We are just everyday people fed up with the situation we have been forced into.”

Details of the march in Spalding when confirmed will be posted on the Spalding Immigration Issues Facebook page.