Another council could join South Holland and Breckland merger

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TALKS are under way to add another council into South Holland District Council’s merged management team.

The council already shares a top team with Breckland District Council and is now looking at a deal to add Great Yarmouth Borough Council to the management merger.

The deal is yet to be agreed but South Holland leader Gary Porter says the coastal council shares the same political outlook and may be able to team up with South Holland and Breckland without the need for compulsory redundancies.

The deal would result in extra cost for officers travelling to meetings but Coun Porter said more and more council business is being done over the internet and that deals with neighbouring councils have not been forthcoming.

Coun Porter said: “We are looking to work with people that we trust. I trust Steve Ames, the leader over there, and I think he is capable of delivering it.

“Most of what we do now is web conferencing but it means the most senior officers will have to travel.

“The mileage makes it less advantageous compared to somebody on the doorstep but if you can’t do deals with them then you look elsewhere.”

Coun Porter says the council could add more authorities if adding a third works. The council hopes it will add extra savings by teaming up with Great Yarmouth, as well as gaining expertise in areas such as tourism.

Coun Porter added: “We haven’t noticed any negative impact with the changes we have made so far. In fact some of the cabinet are enjoying it more because they have got to be more hands on with their brief.”