Annoyed by cyclists on pedestrian paths

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I’m really getting sick of cyclists riding on the paths.

When cyclists first started cycling on paths they knew they were not supposed to and would slow down when approaching pedestrians, but now they think they have a God-given right to cycle on the paths and come at you full speed and don’t slow down.

I find this extremely dangerous and very annoying. It’s only going to be a matter of time before trouble flares between a cyclist and pedestrian.

I feel the police are not doing enough to curb this problem. One way to sort this out is to confiscate cycles – three hits and you lose it with a hefty fine attached. And I mean a hefty fine not a mere £50.

I also cycle so before any cyclists come up with the ridiculous excuse that the roads are too busy, making them dangerous, forget it. Cycle paths have been introduced in heavy congestion areas (example West Elloe Avenue in Spalding) but more cyclists still ride on the other side of the road where no cycle path exists. The same happens on Pinchbeck Road.

The police need to address this before a pedestrian gets hurt.

In defence of the cyclists, I would suggest another area where a cycle path should be introduced is Park Road, where I live, as this is another place where many cyclists are riding on the paths.

Mr N Bingham

Park Road, Spalding