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The Autiversary

This Thursday will see the first anniversary of the support group, Autistic Led, which to follow our theme from last week, has been a professional and personal evolution.

Much like the simple email that I sent to (Free Press editor) Jeremy Ransome which rippled into creating and sustaining this column, the support group was built on a simple story of one man wanting to help a community he thought existed.

And each new individual that came along, whether it was through overlapping services, the Autistic Lincs column or some other way, validated and expanded the soil of the Autistic Led tree.

Autistic author Callum Brazzo (18088898)
Autistic author Callum Brazzo (18088898)

Have I got it all right?

In my mind, no.

Have I learned more about others and myself?


Will I continue to learn?

Of course.

And another full circle moment occurred on Saturday - The Pride Of South Holland Awards.

Tonic Health, the charity under which Autistic Led resides, was nominated for the Local Charity Champion award.

Brilliant in its own right but what makes it ironic for me is that Bakkavor are the sponsor.

Bakkavor was a proving ground for me in terms of testing my capacity for holding down a paid job.

Maybe I will dedicate a column to those days at some point but it taught me so much about myself and to have my worlds merge, whether Tonic Health won or not, is completely bizarre to me but I love it.

I don’t know how we will celebrate the anniversary AK autiversary but Tonic Health is a stellar team of people that have all contributed to the infrastructure of Autistic Led. It may be an informal chat with the receptionists, talking business with Michael or being criticized for my coffee-making skills, I have shared so many moments.

So, if we have won an award, it will be an embodiment of all the individuals at Tonic Health, the wider community of allies and associates and my dear Autistic Led tribe, coming together as a whole.

Rainbow Stars have their five year anniversary on November 1 and will be opening a hub in Sleaford the day after on November 2. The mayor is opening it for them and whilst there is a lot of work left to do before it’s fully functioning, it’s another example of something beautiful.

In other news, the Polish advocacy organization I mentioned last in European Evolution, have a headquarters so check out the link below too!

I am not intentionally leaving out the great work that Going Forward, Little Miracles and no doubt other ventures that successfully apply for the Autism Network Funding will do (deadline is October 10).

But this really is a special week for me as I have recently started a new role as a support worker and Autistic Led is thriving one year on.


Next on the agenda is an open mic night on October 10 at Sergi’s Tapas Bar.

In my first ever Autistic Lincs column, I told you how autism is a human story.

Adding so much more depth to that, in the case of Autistic Led and its upcoming autiversary, the autistic people are the most poignant storytellers.

And there are many more stories yet to tell.

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