Anita Harris memorabilia at Pinchbeck

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Anita Harris already has one huge fan at Pinchbeck – the Burtey Fen Collections’s co-owner Mark Willerton.

Mark began collecting 1950s and 1960s pop records and associated memorabilia while still at primary school in 1970.

He has put together displays of original pop memorabilia in the coffee bar at the Burtey Fen Collection.

Artefacts feature many pop singers and groups from the 1960s.

As well as displays of memorabilia remembering the top female singers of the decade – Dusty, Cilla and Sandie – there is a framed montage of photographs, album covers and sheet music of Anita Harris. The archive of pop records contains Anita’s very first disc – a rare title called I haven’t Got You released on Parlophone Records in 1961.