Anger over workmen’s snow fun

These 'works of art' by Network Rail staff have angered some nearby residents.
These 'works of art' by Network Rail staff have angered some nearby residents.
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RESIDENTS and motorists were left fuming as workmen appeared to down tools to have a bit of fun in the snow.

During Sunday the men who are currently working on the closed-off Woolram Wygate crossing in Spalding used their shovels and wheelbarrows to create an impressive snowman and his dog.

But their antics have been criticised by people inconvenienced by the crossing closure, which has seen Woolram Wygate closed again just two months after a 12-week closure for remodelling of its junction with Pinchbeck Road.

South Holland district councillor Gary Taylor said: “The snowman is a work of art. They obviously have a lot of experience of building snowman because some real craftsmanship has gone into it, but there doesn’t appear to be much work going on.”

And resident Mark Street, of Akita Close, said: “It is quite frustrating when this closure is causing so much chaos to see a man in an orange vest, who should be working, shovelling snow to build a snowman.

“It’s obviously not something they’ve knocked together in five minutes during a tea break. Some real work has gone into it.”

Network Rail defended workers against criticism that work is taking too long, saying they are ahead of schedule and the road should reopen early if commissioning of the new crossing is successful next weekend.

But spokesman Rachel Lowe said: “Contrary to public misconception the workmen obviously are working hard to be ahead of schedule, but we will remind them that they are being watched and things like building a snowman can give the wrong impression.”

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