ANGEL: Some girls like it hot

Stuart Sharp The Angels
Stuart Sharp The Angels
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They say foreign travel broadens the mind and gives us a greater understanding of other cultures. Now Angel can confirm that a group of visitors to Spalding last Friday will indeed have a greater appreciation of an element of English culture... outdoor bowling. The group of adults and young people was drawn to the immaculate lawn that serves as the bowling green in Ayscoughfee Gardens. The young people were behaving impeccably, but couldn’t resist stepping onto the hallowed green surrounded by perfectly manicured flower beds. Moments passed; photographs were taken, and the locals held their collective breath. As sure as a tasty coffee and cake in the cafe follows a trip to Ayscoughfee, the groundsman appeared and politely explained that they shouldn’t be standing on the green. Did they not play bowls in their country?, he queried. No, they said, and I’d probably have said exactly the same thing in their place.

l Coronation Channel is a wonderful asset to the people of Spalding and Angel has observed that dog walkers make good use of it. Why though leave posts festooned in bags containing dog dirt when it would be so much more pleasant all round to dispose of it properly in a dog bin. Presumably there are plenty of bins for the purpose?

l A word of warning to cyclists – if you’re coming off the pavement onto the road, please warn motorists of your intention with an arm signal. Pulling out directly in front of a car is so dangerous!

l Angel would like to compliment a true gentleman of the road, a courteous trucker from Gist. He waited very patiently at the bridge in Surfleet the other morning to let cars travelling from Gosberton to Spalding through when it was really his turn to move off.

l Angel now has a lovely flower tower planted up – three tiers of baskets like an old fashioned wedding cake – thanks to the Argos sale. And she has a curious little addition to her traditional mix, a specimen new to her that has different coloured flowers on the same plant. Angel has one plant with a pink and yellow flower already blooming and is excitedly waiting for the other buds to open to see how many colours there are.

l Angel adores eastern food and is a fan of Spalding’s Mai Thai as well as the lovely Krua Thai in Holbeach. 
But she likes her dishes hot. Mai Thai added chillies to one dish, but it still wasn’t quite hot enough for Angel, so a very helpful gentlemen brought out a tiny dish of chillies in a liquid suggesting just one drop should be added to her rice.

A polite inquiry met with Angel’s honest response that it still didn’t have the fire she liked. “That would have us dancing around the kitchen,” he said. A promise was made it would be right next time. And it was – truly fiery and absolutely perfect. Thank you.