And they call it puppy love

German Shepherd Saxon loves lolli-pups! ANL-160120-095738001
German Shepherd Saxon loves lolli-pups! ANL-160120-095738001
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German Shepherd Saxon loves lolli-pups!

It sounds barking mad but heart-shaped Lolli-pups made with dog-friendly ingredients are proving a hit for canine confectioner Emily Wadsworth (37), who runs the Canine Cupcake Kitchen.

Lolli-pups ANL-160120-095727001

Lolli-pups ANL-160120-095727001

The mum of two, who launched her pet bakery a couple of years ago, cooked up the idea for the wholewheat heart-shaped baked biscuit, flavoured with ham on a rawhide stick, all covered in doggy white chocolate and finished with naturally coloured red dog chocolate piping – while chatting to her sister.

“She came up with the name lolli-pups jokingly and then I ran with the research,” Emily, of Spalding, says.

“I was trying to come up with a Valentine’s line and we were saying how I do pup-corn and pup-cakes and she said lolli-pups, just being silly, but it’s actually worked really well!”

The Valentine treats cost £2.70 each and have been tried and tested by Emily’s own dog, Saxon, a pup she recently adopted from Central German Shepherd Rescue.

The mum of two started baking to earn some extra cash after the birth of her second child three years ago.

She initially sold cakes, brownies and biscuits for humans, but started making dog-friendly treats after taking a stall at a local dog show where she didn’t want hungry hounds to miss out.

Her doggy cakes and biscuits went down a storm and she soon found herself inundated with orders for pup-cakes, celebration cakes, biscuits, pup-corn and more.

Another of her current best-sellers is a banana-bomb, a wholewheat and banana baked dumpling.

All Emily’s recipes are made from natural ingredients and are sugar free, low in salt and dairy free and wherever possible use local ingredients.

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