An extra £35.70 a year - and more - on Band A council tax bills

Coun Nick Worth wants the Government to put serious money into adult social care.
Coun Nick Worth wants the Government to put serious money into adult social care.
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Council tax bills are set to soar with Lincolnshire County Council likely to agree a near four per cent rise.

Some two per cent of that increase is accounted for by the rising adult social care bill, while the remaining 1.95 per cent is for other services.

Police and crime commissioner Marc Jones.

Police and crime commissioner Marc Jones.

The county council recommended increase for a typical Band A property is £29.73 a year – taking the annual bill to £782.28 – while those living in the top rated Band H properties will see their bills rise by £89.19 to £2,346.84.

South Holland District Council is also poised to raise its share of the bill by £3.33 for Band A properties to £10 for Band H homes, which means its annual bill for Band A home owners will be £109.89 and Band H home owners will pay £329.68.

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones has proposed a 1.97 per cent increase in the police precept element of council tax, meaning Band A home owners will pay an extra £2.64 a year, while those in Band H homes pay an extra £7.92.

If the proposed increases are agreed, people in Band A properties will pay an extra £35.70 a year before additional precepts are added from parish councils across the district – and those in Band H properties will pay an extra £107.11.

County councillor Nick Worth, a member of the ruling executive, says: “We are getting less and less from central government and we are getting extra cost pressures from adult social care – and we have little option but to increase the council tax by that amount.

“The Government did give us the option of making that 2 per cent for adult social care double the amount and we refused to do that.

“We didn’t think it was right to put that sort of money on the council tax payer – we thought it was more important that the Government resolve the adult social care once and for all by putting serious money into it.”

He is also one of South Holland District Council’s deputy leaders and says the district has financial pressures but not on the scale faced by the county.

Government funding for the district is reducing and will sink to zero in the next few years. Coun Worth said: “We have always said we don’t want to be reliant on Government funding.”

Mr Jones says county residents are being asked to pay as little as 5p a week in order to keep the current number of frontline officers.

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