An evening of grisly delights

Oliver picture
Oliver picture
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Our weekly High Life feature with students from Spalding High School

Last week saw the descent of the drama students of Spalding High School upon the Pleasance Theatre in London for an evening of heady entertainment which served to satisfy our rumbling cultural appetites.

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

For many, this production was to form an important part of their studies and so pens were quivering with anticipation as we began our immersion in the murky, greyscale world of “The Boy Who Kicked Pigs”.

Having been adapted from the novella of former Doctor Who star Tom Baker, it is the twisted tale of a lonely young boy who follows a shady downward spiral towards a macabre end.

Robert Caligari progresses with shocking rapidity from vexatious, petulant brother to nefarious mass-murder who ultimately receives his comeuppance with equal shades of horror and mirth.

One moment startlingly hilarious and the next deeply unnerving, the fast-paced vigour of “The Boy Who Kicked Pigs” is testament to the remarkable talent of the ‘Kill the Beast’ team, with the four actors gliding seamlessly in and out of a staggering 32 roles without once slowing down the soaring pace.

The slick production, incisive wit and even an occasional musical turn made for an evening of quality performance.

Still a little dazed from the tumultuous whirlwind of talent, we were then granted an exclusive Q&A session with the team themselves who invigorated the fledgling aspirations of our budding thespians.

So what advice would they give for those hoping to delve into the world of theatre? “You have to really love it” was their resolute answer and – as their performances demonstrated – they are the embodiment of the true devotion it takes to stage a play of excellence with such sharp aptitude and fervour.

Consider yourself... waiting

Students ‘will do anything’ to bag a part in this year’s annual production ‘Oliver!’

Auditions took place last week, leaving the fate of hopefuls in the hands of the drama department.

Oliver! follows the story of an orphaned boy from destitution in the workhouses to his riveting life in Fagan’s gang.

Tanwen Fisk’s directorial expertise will, undoubtedly, produce yet another breathtaking dramatic spectacle.

Accompanied by a host of well-known classics including ‘Who will buy?’ and ‘Food Glorious Food’ compiled by Lynne Loose’s unparalled professionalism, this is sure to be a knockout performance.

The production will take place between July 2 and 4.