An ’elfy outdoor pursuit

Spalding's fishing elf.
Spalding's fishing elf.
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Angel told last week how she was slightly worried that she mayhave been seeing things when she thought she spied a fishing elf along the River Welland just before Christmas.

But reader Philip Martin has reassured her with the picture below and the following words: “Just to prove that you were not ‘slightly delusional’ I have attached a photo of said Fishing Elf.”

Thanks Philip.

n Continuing the belated festive theme, Angel took her nieces to see Peter Pan on Ice at the Peterborough Ice Arena just after the big day... and she couldn’t believe the problems people got into in finding their seats.

The seats were clearly laid out in rows of one to 20 and columns of A to J, with the seat details printed clearly on the ticket.

Angel and her brood quickly found J5, J6 and J7 and then watched in amusement for the next 15 minutes as whole families popped up and down like Jack-in-the-boxes until they finally found their rightful places.

n Since Christmas Angel has noticed the quality of buskers has definitely been on the up. A young woman with a big, soulful voice was spotted last Friday and again on Tuesday singing in Spalding’s Market Place.

n Spotted last week by Angel: a woman drove into the Market Place (at a time when, strictly speaking, she shouldn’t have done), parked at a convenient point to drop off bags at a charity shop and then promptly used the car park as a sort of round about so that she could drive the wrong way past Hills Department Store and back on to Broad Street and Vine Street.

n Angel was amused to see ducks going quackers along the River Welland in Spalding when they found their passage had been cut off at the footbridge near Albion Street, A group of about 20 of them were in a flap about the work being done to the bridge, which is covered in scaffolding. However, while they were making quite a din they were joined by the two swans which are a regular sight along that stretch. As you would expect, they managed to maintain an air of dignity.

n Puppy training has been going a little too well. Angel’s dog was straight to it when he had to retrieve a sausage from one of the upturned plant pots before him. That weekend he put his new skill to work when he caught the smell of a glass of sherry on the coffee table. He went over to the wine wrack and sniffed the bottles until he found the right one. And was swiftly told “No way!”