Aliens take over the Wild West

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OUR resident film expert Gavin Miller gives you the lowdown on the latest summer releases.

COWBOYS & ALIENS (12A): British actor Daniel Craig switches from super-smooth spy to rugged cowboy in this sci-fi western.

He stars as a lone gunslinger – with no recollection of his past apart from a mysterious wrist shackle – who proves to be the last hope for the notorious town of Absolution in this 1873-set actioner.

The inhabitants of the Arizona-based desert outpost don’t take too kindly to strangers – particularly iron-fisted lawmaker Harrison Ford – but that is soon the least of their worries when unknown ‘alien’ marauders start abducting the townsfolk one at a time.

Early reviews indicate the movie isn’t exactly out-of-this-world, but with Iron Man director Jon Favreau behind the camera this should still be watchable fare as the summer season draws to a close.


It may not be quite as good as the exceptional trailer hinted, but RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (12A) is still one of the better summer blockbusters as stunning computer-generated apes help excite where the generic story falters – but still comes thoroughly recommended.

Rating 4/5