ALBUM REVIEW: Stevie proves all that glitters is gold

Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks
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Stevie Nicks – 24 Karat Gold – Songs From The Vault

Out now – Warner Bros

This album features songs which were mostly written between 1969 and 1987 - during Fleetwood Mac’s best years - and it’s easy to forget, at times, that it is not a Fleetwood Mac album.

The title track leaves me remembering why I first fell in love with Stevie Nicks years ago - it sounds like it could be on Fleetwood Mac’s magnificent Rumours album - the stunning voice, the skilleed drums, the fat bass line.. it’s a true song of beauty.

Even on the more stripped back songs, Nicks’ voice sounds as good as it did in the early days of her career.

Songs like Lady, where she sings with a piano, and Carousel, on which she is joined by Vanessa Carlton who famously sang A Thousand Miles, showcase her voice perfectly.

On discovering that part of this album was recorded in Nashville, I wasn’t surprised. The country sound which runs through many songs is definitely the definition of the Nashville country scene.

Lady Antebellum, famous for the country ballad Need You Now, join Nicks on Blue Water and it is certainly a match made in Heaven.

Mark Knopfler, of Dire Straits fame, joins Nicks on the final track - She Loves Him Still - which is a great ending to a simply great album.

By Kat Wakefield – 9/10