ALBUM REVIEW: Promising debut hints at much better to come

Menace Beach ANL-151002-092800001
Menace Beach ANL-151002-092800001
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Out now on Memphis Industries

You know when you have a curry and it’s just not got enough kick to it? If you do, then you’ll know just how I felt after listening to this 
debut from Leeds indie rockers Menace Beach.

It had all my favourite ingredients – boy/girl singers, nice melodies and scuzzy feedback guitar – the elements to some of my favourite albums over the years. But although the group have clearly listened studiously to their mums and dads’ 80s post-punk and 90s indie collections, they don’t quite manage to deliver what I think they’re trying to here.

It starts promisingly but soon drifts into “okay” mode, feeling like a really promising young group, who probably rock live, but have rushed into recording their first long player before they’ve got enough good songs.

Opener ‘Come On Give Up’ starts the album in fine form, sounding like one of Blur guitarist Graham Coxon’s better solo moments.

Second track Elastic is great too, with good vocals and a killer guitar riff.

But after that there’s too much filler and not enough thriller. And ong eight Ratworld isn’t good enough for the title track.

I’ll keep my eyes on these guys though and expect something much better next time around.

Jeremy Ransome - 6/10