ALBUM REVIEW: Mixing emo melody with screaming hardcore

Funeral for a Friend ANL-151002-092738001
Funeral for a Friend ANL-151002-092738001
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Funeral For A Friends

Chapter and Verse

Out now on Distiller Records

A quick look at Wikipedia and it would appear that these post-hardcore Welsh rockers’ better days are behind them

Their first four albums all entered the UK top 20 but 
releases in 2011 and 2013 didn’t do so well and this latest offering hasn’t bothered the top 40 after its release last month. But judging from this release there’s still plenty of life in the Bridgend boys yet.

Combining the screaming, hardcore elements of their early material with the more melodic emo sound of the later work, the group certainly prove they’re still relevant.

Opener ‘Stand By Me For The Millionth Time’ instantly grabs your attention and they don’t let you go until half an hour later when accoustic number Brother comes as a complete, but pleasant surprise.

Then it’s back to the 100mph delivery with 
metalic, angular guitar riffs, driving bass and thumping drums that power this album along. There’s great punk backing melodies and even a radio-friendlyfeel to closing track ‘The Jade Tree Years Were My Best’.

Far from being past their best, this is a band comfortable with what they do, still maturing and still progressing.

Jeremy Ransome – 7/10