ALBUM REVIEW: Don’t judge a CD by its cover!

Jack Savoretti - Written in Scars ANL-150303-094052001
Jack Savoretti - Written in Scars ANL-150303-094052001
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Cards on the table, I didn’t really want to like this album... and after a couple of listens I didn’t particularly.

I judged a book by the cover and thought Jack was a pretty boy songwriter who was more looks than substance.

And I imagined this was the kind of album a group of tipsy women might play after a night out watching Fifty Shades of Gray.

But give it time and you realise the Anglo-Italian singer/songwriter has crammed it with 11 quality songs. Think Paulo Nutini meets Bruce Springsteen, with a little bit of Bryan Adams’ lovey-dovey side thrown in and you’ll get the gist of this offering.

Savoretti’s fourth studio album has finally broken into the English charts and starts with the impressive Back To Me. Next comes the wonderful Home, which got loads of radio air time but surprisingly failed to break into the top 40.

Tie Me Down was another song played extensively on Radio 2 and it certainly deserved the airplay.

The mixture of gruff love songs and more up tempo numbers is really easy on the ears and after a few listens you’ll be hmming them forever.

Jeremy Ransome – 8/10