ALBUM REVIEW: California kids impress with their upbeat debut

Echosmith - Talking Dreams ANL-150227-135659001
Echosmith - Talking Dreams ANL-150227-135659001
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California kids Echosmith have finally released their debut album in the UK – over a year after its release in their homeland.

And the four siblings who wowed us all with the Top 20 hit single ‘Cool Kids’ last year certainly don’t disappoint.

The band cite 80s indie legends such as Echo and the Bunnymen, The Smiths and Joy Division as influences – add a bit of electropop from the same era and you get an idea of their sound.

They grab your attention from the very start with the cracking, upbeat opener Come Together. With brilliant hooks, anthemic verses and catchy melodies, Graham, Sydney, Noah and Jamie Sierota certainly know how to pen a tune.

Yes, they’re clearly influenced by what has gone before – but what’s wrong with that? Their sound is their own and although they draw on the past, these songs stand on their own.

The album does slow down a little after it’s tuneful, terrific first few tracks, but even the lovey-dovey ‘Bright’ is catchy enough to get me singing along.

Aged only between 16 and 21, there’s a lot more tyo come from these guys. And that’s got to be a good thing.

Jeremy Ransome – 7/10