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Sutton St Edmund man who rescued Long Sutton biker from Gedney ditch after road incident says he is not a hero

The man who rescued a motorcyclist who was trapped in a ditch says he was not a hero.

Albert Lee (21) had pulled the heavy motorcycle off 69-year-old Alex Belokon who had laid trapped in the dyke for up to 15 minutes.

Veteran Mr Belokon said he had been pushed off the road in Topsgate by a white SUV on July 31 and was unable to pull himself free from the bike.

Alex Belokon
Alex Belokon

Thankfully, Mr Lee had spotted Mr Belokon amongst the reeds as he and his mum Phoebe headed back to their Sutton St James home.

Mr Lee said: “I wouldn’t say I am a hero. I would not want him to be lying in the dyke. In my eyes, we would want to stop and help to make sure that he was alright.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to struggle. We saw someone who needed help and we got out to help.”

Mr Belokon, who has mobility issues after injuring his ankle during his long Army career, was travelling along Topsgate to get back to his Long Sutton home on July 31.

He says he was pushed off the road as he was overtaken by the car and had laid trapped under his bike.

Mr Lee said: “I saw him and the bike in the dyke so I asked my mum to stop the car.

“I saw his leg was trapped under the bike so I lifted it up.

“The cars kept on going past as I was in the dyke and helping.”

While Mr Lee was in the dyke, his mum had called the ambulance and had also offered first aid advice.

Mr Lee said: “While we were waiting for them, I tried to keep him awake as he was slipping in and out of conciousness.

“I kept talking to him and asking him questions about his bike.

“My mum had stopped a few people and they got his bike out of the dyke.”

They had placed a blanket under Mr Belokon’s head and were waiting for the emergency services to arrive, which included the ambucopter.

Mr Belokon told the Lincolnshire Free Press last week: “The young lad saved me. I wanted to give him a big hug.

“I really think motorists could pay more attention to bikes as it is really upsetting.”

Mr Belokon has suffered a broken ankle as a result of this incident and is now considering whether to go ahead with his plans to undertake a solo ride to Norway.

He had planned to travel from his home in Long Sutton to the most northern part of Norway to raise money for The Veterans Charity.

Mr Belokon began riding in 1970.

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