‘Albatross’ set to find stardom in the States

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A former Fleet Hargate man is nearly ready to release his debut LP album ‘Desperate Times Best Forgotten’ after three years in the making.

Adam Stockdale, aka ‘Albatross’ (30), is taking his musical career to the next level, ever since he moved to Nashville, Tennessee in the USA, by releasing his first LP (Long Play) album on vinyl.

Adam attended Spalding Grammar School from 1996 to 2001 and lived with his family for 17 years in Fleet Hargate. Before moving to America, he spent eight years in Brighton and went to the British & Irish Modern Music (BIMM) Institute in Brighton.

“England is very small and as a result very competitive in the arts. It was extremely hard to make a living doing it in London. America just offered a way for me to expand and 
survive whilst making music,” Adam said.

As well as bringing out his album, Adam has started up the ‘Word Of Mouth Project’ which is an initiative campaign set up to release his record, yet fans can buy into the label and every time a record is sold they receive a small percentage of the profit.

Adam said: “I wanted to put out my music the way I wanted to, and reward the people I think are most important.

“The music business can create barriers between the artist and audience, I wanted to put out my music in a way that allows me to be closer to them.”

Adam has been an accomplished guitar player for over 15 years, but became Albatross in 2008 as his love for Fleetwood Mac inspired his stage name.

He said: “I don’t ever remember a time in my life when music was not there. I was surrounded by it as a child and have been playing since the age of four. It’s always been something that’s made me happy.”

The album represents Adam’s physical and emotional journey to America.

“Finding the balance between touring to make money and getting in the studio is a delicate one. But I’m immensely proud of it and thankful to everyone involved.”

Adam’s album includes tracks like ‘Burden to bear’ and ‘Game of Love’ and is now available to pre-order.