AIRCRAFT: Why do they dog fight over our villages?

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I felt I had to comment on an incident I witnessed on Thursday afternoon at around 3.20pm.

I was on my driveway when there was an almighty roaring noise above the village. This is nothing unusual due to the high volume of military aircraft performing manoeuvres over our village, but this was louder than usual because when I looked up I could see that the planes were at a much lower altitude than usual.

There were two planes obviously “playing” at dogfighting

In fact my house windows were vibrating due to the noise. There were two planes obviously “playing” at dogfighting, and as the second one pulled out of a tight turn it appeared to me that he very nearly missed a private light aircraft seemingly heading for Fenland airfield.

I must stress that I realise people can exaggerate these things, and it can be hard to judge distances in circumstances like this, but I still insist that this would officially be classed as a near miss. In fact I would be surprised if the pilot did not report the incident.

This is all happening after the incident in October last year, when an aircraft crashed yards from a local school, and in the same area as this incident.

After the crash questions were asked, but obviously no

answers were given because the frequency of these “exercises” being performed over our villages has dramatically increased in the last few months.

In fact the noise over Whaplode is continual all day and every day. So what is it going to take for the people in charge to take notice?

There is a lot of sky up there and a lot of it is over sea or

unpopulated areas, so why does the Ministry of Defence take chances with our lives when it is totally unnecessary?

Ian Robinson